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At the next Nerd Nite East Bay, learn how radioactive contamination is mapped, what ticks teach us about conspiracy theories and the changing California climate, and how KQED’s The Bay Podcast makes modern news.

See you on Monday Aug 27th at Club 21 (2111 Franklin, two blocks from 19th St. BART) in Uptown Oakland.


Doors at 7PM, Talks at 8PM. 21+ Please. Facebook RSVP HERE.

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After the Disaster
Real Time Imaging of Nuclear Contamination in the Environment

New technology allows us to make the first real-time high fidelity 3D radiation maps, a critical data set to drive the correct, rapid, and life-saving response when nuclear disaster strikes. Learn how the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping “SLAM” technology developed for autonomous navigation and augmented reality were co-opted for radiation mapping, and see a demonstration of how this technology was used in the evacuated towns near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster.


Ross Barnowski was a postdoctoral researcher in the Applied Nuclear Physics program at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab after receiving his PhD from the Department of Nuclear Engineering – UC Berkeley/Berkeley Lab, and is currently an assistant research scientist at UC Berkeley. Ross enjoys hiking, drumming, drinking beer, and reading about Roman history and space exploration.

How The Bay Gets Made
Delivering Real News to Modern and Underserved Audiences

Amid false cries of “Fake News!” and turbulence in the newspaper industry, the news ecosystem is struggling to reach new audiences in arguably the most important time in recent history for Californians to be informed. The Bay podcast from KQED takes a different approach to local news, tackling challenging topics like race, identity, homelessness and tech using storytelling, transparency, and deep, detailed dives on individual stories to reach younger audiences and more people of color. Learn how The Bay is produced, and how the important stories they report on are chosen.

Devin Katayama hosts The Bay news podcast at KQED. He has worked in audio storytelling and radio for nearly 10 years. Previously he worked in a law firm, as a teacher’s aide, and drove an ambulance as an EMT. His dream was to become a standup comedian, but he was much funnier off stage.

The Ticks of California
What Ticks Teach Us About Lizards, Climate Change & Conspiracies in CA

Summer is tick season, yet Lyme disease in California remains surprisingly rare. Learn how to avoid the bite of the western black-legged tick and how much we owe our health to the unique blood of California lizards. Plus, discover what ticks teach us about the changing California climate, why conspiracy theorists love ticks, and why a tick might literally transform you into a vegetarian.

Lo Scheiner is a volunteer naturalist with the California Center for Natural History (CCNH), providing nature education for adults in the Bay Area. She is also a speech and swallowing therapist and in training as a nurse practitioner. Lo gave an acclaimed talk at Nerd Nite East Bay #37 ( She once pulled a feeding tick off her leg and has been studying how ticks fit in the California ecosystem ever since.

Plus preshow games, DJ Rubberband Girl, food, and drinks from Club 21. Doors at 7PM, Talks at 8PM. 21+ Please.