Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland  on Monday August 28th for:

80s and 90s Arcades!
Spice Receptors!
SETI’s Breakthrough Listen Project!

plus pre-show Trivia!

Early bird tix just $8, $10 at the door (get them before they sell out!):

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Start your night when the doors open at 7PM with games, beats by Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder, gooey eats by Grilled Cheese Guy, and info from the Oakland Public Library, then grab a drink and a seat as the talks begin at 8PM.2017-8 poster draft 2 resize1

Citizen Kanes of the Arcade
Maintaining the Great Arcade Games of the 1980s and 1990s

Reminisce about the great and groundbreaking arcade games of the 1980s and 1990s and learn about the essential qualities that make these machines resonate today. As spare parts become scarce, the effort to find and maintain games with modern solutions that won’t compromise nostalgia becomes more important and more sophisticated. Discover how the best private and public vintage arcade game collections were built, and how the Citizen Kanes of the Arcade are being preserved for future generations.

Shawn and Meg Livernoche are the owners and curators of High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum in Alameda and Hayward They are game builders and preservationists heavily focused on the “golden age” of arcade gaming with a meticulously curated collection of over 150 titles. Shawn once drove a Donkey Kong Jr home in a two door Volkswagen Golf and Meg’s thumbnail was permanently disfigured under a Karate Champ cabinet in the middle of a bustling public sidewalk.

Surveying the Sky with SETI
Earth’s Largest Search for Alien Life

UC Berkeley’s Breakthrough Listen project is best described as SETI on steroids. Hear about the unique challenges that come with using our world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescopes to cover 10X more sky and 5X more radio spectrum than all previous efforts. Learn how this program is using more speed and data than astronomy has ever had available before to answer humanity’s biggest question: are we alone in the vast universe?

Emilio Enriquez conducts research in the Breakthrough Listen Lab at UC Berkeley. His work focuses on SETI, stellar flares and other astrophysical radio transient phenomena. He is originally from Mexico and is finishing his PhD in radioastronomy from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Why Spicy Food Hurts Your Butt

The mild heat of Frank’s Red Hot, the complex burn of Sriracha and the punch in the face pain of Mad Dog 357 all come from the activity of the receptor protein TPRV-1 in your mouth. But the same molecules that cause delicious pain in the human mouth also cause pain when… exiting the premises, even at vanishingly small concentrations. Find out why your body has complicated physiological reactions to eating and digesting spicy molecules, how your body dulls itself to the pain of spice, and why your butt evolved to feel the hot sauce mistakes you made the night before.

Trace Dominguez is the producer of the Seeker Science YouTube channel with over 1,000 videos on topics ranging from quantum mechanics to agriculture, materials to engineering, and yes, human poop. He has a background in science journalism, an affinity for spicy foods, and an unfortunately sensitive butt.

You can also join Nerd Nite East Bay in August for more excellent talks and unlimited pinball at our special event at Chabot Space & Science Center!