March 26 2018: Thermal Comfort, Quantum Communist, East Bay Hills History


Thermal Comfort, Quantum Communist, East Bay Hills History



Join Nerd Nite East Bay on Monday March 26th at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland (one block from 19th St BART) for:

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Engineering Thermal Comfort into the Built Environment
Questioning the Core of Quantum Physics with Communists
Tall Trees in the Wild West of the East Bay

Doors at 7, Talks at 8. Online Tix $8, $10 at door:

Questioning the Core of Quantum Physics with Communists
Quantum physics attempts to explain reality, but Heisenberg and Bohr’s famous “Copenhagen Interpretation” of quantum mechanics fails to answer some simple questions and paradoxes about the real world. A revolutionary second theory, encouraged by Einstein, answered many of these questions with faster than light “pilot waves” and instant connections between distant particles, but was weighed down by the Communist associations of the discoverer, David Bohm, and forgotten during Bohm’s exile to Brazil. Learn how Bohm’s theory simultaneously provokes backlash in the physics community and also provided inspiration for Bell’s Theorem and modern quantum information processing, all without killing Schrödinger’s cat.

Adam Becker is the author of What is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics ( He has appeared on The Story Collider and is an astrophysicist and visiting scholar in the Office for the History of Science and Technology at UC Berkeley ( Adam once fought off a horde of feral geocentrists but still sometimes forgets that not everything revolves around him.

Turning Up the Thermo-State: Engineering Comfort Into the Built Environment
Creating comfortable spaces once relied on keeping a building’s temperature between 70 and 75 degrees, but modern engineering and architecture has expanded to include design decisions that create the sensation of thermal comfort even outside rigid temperature parameters. Learn about the differences between naturally ventilated vs. air conditioned buildings, and discover the modern engineering tricks that tweak expectations and manipulate mental perception to create comfort in the built environment, even for individuals with very different coziness requirements.

Jared Landsman is a Building Performance Engineer at Integral Group in Oakland, where he works on energy and comfort analysis for the built environment. Previously he researched passive architecture and thermal comfort at UC-Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment (

Towering Trees and the Wild West of the East Bay
Before the Oakland Hills were dotted with million dollar homes they were truly part of the Wild West. Yankee bullwhackers, indigenous people of the Bay Area, and Californios of Mexican descent all lived and worked in the shadow of the massive redwoods, with trees taller than the Tribune Tower providing distinct ecological environments, timber, and even navigation aid to ships entering San Francisco Bay. Learn about the early dwellers of the East Bay Hills, the natural history of the Bay Area’s tallest trees, and how modern science reverse-engineered information from old sea captain hazard lines to discover the location of legendary Redwoods found in the early literature of the East Bay.

Amelia Sue Marshall is the author of East Bay Hills: A Brief History published in October by Arcadia/The History Press ( She is an engineering graduate of UC Berkeley and worked in nerdish jobs for the University until 2012. John Nicoles is a licensed forester who spent most of his career with the East Bay Regional Park District. Work on where the Navigation Redwoods once stood led to the designation of a state historical landmark in the Roberts Regional Recreation Area in the East Bay.

Plus pre-show games from 7-8PM with Ann-Marie Benz, beats from Citizen Zain, delicious food from Miss Arepita, craft beer from Uptown’s Club 21, books from Oakland’s Laurel Bookstore and brain-filling info from the Oakland Public Library.

Doors and games at 7PM, Talks Begin at 8PM. Tix:

Nerd Nite East Bay Feb 26: Thirsty Flies, Star Wars Law, Trauma Responses


Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown on Monday Feb 26th for:

Why Don’t Flies Get Fat?
JDs and Jedi: Star Wars and the Law
Social and Biological Responses to Trauma

Doors at 7, Talks at 8. Online Tix $8, $10 at door:

The Thirst Is Real(ly an Interesting Question in Fruit Flies)

Why don’t flies get fat, how do they know when to stop drinking, and what can humans learn from the BMI and brains of Drosophila melanogaster? Learn how new transgenic techniques allow us to see the real time activity of neurons in a living brain and manipulate the neural response to hunger and thirst. Discover how specific neurons balance the need for calories vs. the need for water by controlling behavior, and how the control system used by fruit flies functionally overlaps with the same system in humans.

Nick Jourjine uses fruit flies to study neural circuits regulating hunger and thirst in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. He also crafted genes from scratch at the Max Planck Institute to study how cellular identity is determined. Nick thinks Drosophila melanogaster is super fly.

JDs and Jedi: How the Law Works in the Star Wars Universe

Interpreting the law on our own planet is already complicated, but what happens when it expands to a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Is it okay that Han shot first? Does Rey really own Luke’s lightsaber? Was Jedha’s destruction a war crime? And are C-3PO and R2-D2 now a common law couple? Follow along as the Legal Geeks activate the fully operational battle station of the law to bring (legal) order to the Star Wars Galaxy.

Josh Gilliland is the co-creator of the award-winning Legal Geeks blog and a former presenter at Nerd Nite LA and Nerd Nite San Diego. His work focuses on eDiscovery, and he has spoken at legal conferences and Comic-Con. Josh also ties a mean bow tie.

Social and Biological Responses to Trauma

Much of the science of chronic trauma is based on animal studies, but the human emotional and physiological response to difficult conditions is much more complicated. Hear how brain development, epigenetics and the endocrine system can be altered by trauma, how psychological health and late onset physical problems can be tied to early changes in development, and how these biological changes should not be thought of as defects, but as the human body’s resilient way to adapt to a traumatic world. Also learn how a fuller understand of mental well-being as a product of both biology and social context will improve outcomes.

Gabby Falzone is a Doctoral Candidate in Social & Cultural Studies in the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education. She aspires to work as a bridge between academia and marginalized communities by translating academic research into accessible community formats and by prioritizing community knowledge into research.

Plus decorate Wookie Cookies from 7-8PM with Ann-Marie Benz, hear beats from Citizen Zain, get eats from Grilled Cheese Guy, drink delicious craft beer from Club 21 and fill your brain with info from the Oakland Public Library.

Doors at 7, Talks at 8. Online Tix $8, $10 at door:

Nerd Nite East Bay Jan 29: Firescaping, Augmented Reality, Bay Cocktail History

Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland on Monday, Jan 29th for


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Fighting Fires With Flora
Optic Nerve Manipulation for Augmented Reality
Hidden History of Bay Area Cocktails

Online presale tix $8, $10 at door:

Doors and games at 7, talks at 8. Two blocks from 19th St. BART.

You can also get your tickets now for SF Beer Week 2018: Nerd Nite East Bay BEER Edition!

Jan 29th Show Facebook RSVP

Flora Firewall: Fighting Fires With Flowers
Wildfires can burn at a rate of nearly fifteen miles per hour, so human understanding of how different plants respond to fire conditions is crucial. Firescaping looks at how aesthetic concerns interact with safety, and how a deeper knowledge of plant physiology and classification can help prevent plants from becoming tiki torches. Learn how clever combinations of plant cuttings and smart species sequencing may contribute to your own elegant flora firewall.

Jennifer de Graaf is the Director of Education for ReScape California and an instructor at the UC-Berkeley Landscape Architecture Department. She is a landscape architect focused on housing and commercial developments, a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), Bay Friendly Qualified Professional and Rater (BFQP) and a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL).

Optic Nerve Manipulation and Augmented Reality
Ten million years ago our primate ancestors evolved a novel additional “channel” of vision in the optic nerve, with important implications for how humans use and combine both vision pathways to see the world around us. Many of the famous optical illusions are based on the relationship between the two vision channels, and augmented reality products have started to utilize this two path structure to enhance and improve reality with supplementation by computer processing. Manipulate your own vision pathways with on stage demonstrations of optical illusions, and learn how neuroscience and a changing philosophy of language are driving a new way of seeing the world.

Doyle Saylor works for the East Bay Center for the Blind in Berkeley and was part of the working group on web accessibility standards for people with disabilities after receiving his degree in film making from the San Francisco Art Institute. His current interest focuses on how seeing contributes to Augmented Reality in an era where information is available at all times on mobile devices.

The Hidden History of Bay Area Cocktails
The cocktail renaissance that swept along the West Coast in the 1990s and continues today owes much of its genesis to a small bar in the East Bay that brought classic drinks back from the edge of extinction. Shanna Farrell of the Oral History Center at UC Berkeley uncovered the lost history of a cocktail book passed between daring new bartenders throughout the Bay Area, drink evolution driven by one of the world’s first “cocktail blogs”, and how East Bay nightlife become a lot better (and a little drunker) from one man’s push to bring the new cocktail canon to California.
Shanna Farrell is the author of Bay Area Cocktails: A History of Culture, Community and Craft. Her audio work has been featured on Gravy, a podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance and she is the co-host of the Prix Fixe podcast, a new show about the intersection of food and drink. Get the book at

Doors and preshow games at 7, music from Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder, food from Miss Arepita-Arepa Mobile, and info from the Oakland Public Library. See you on January 29th!


Nerd Nite East Bay #59: Pilgrims, Oakland Shipping Cranes, Urban Wine


Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland

on Monday Nov 27 for

The Appalling Pilgrims
Oakland Shipping Cranes
Urban Wine Making

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door:
Doors and preshow games at 7, talks begin at 8.

Thanksgiving Sinners: True Stories of the Appalling Pilgrims

This November, get your understand of the Pilgrim journey to Plymouth rocked. With a well-known origin story that turns out to be mostly false, the Pilgrims set sail with a cargo hold full of heresy, sedition and hanky panky, took a brief, comical stop in the Netherlands, and arrived in the New World to found one of history’s most dysfunctional societies. Find out the truth behind the Pilgrims forgotten foibles and hear terrible stories of disaster and intolerance that are even worse than Thanksgiving dinner with your racist uncle.

Arthur Kay has presented on unexpected outré history and science at Odd Salon, Nerd Nite, the California Academy of Sciences, and the California Historical Society. He’s also an attorney, though not one of the interesting kinds, and enjoys old-timey sodas.

A Tour of Oakland’s Modern and Historic Shipping Cranes

The famous tours of Oakland’s shipping cranes and harbor seaport immediately sell out each year, so Nerd Nite East Bay brings the tour to you! Discover how the immensely complex Port of Oakland functions, go on a deep dive into the golden age of megaships, get a guided tour of specific ships and cranes, and learn about the history of the Port of Oakland as the agricultural gateway of America and economic engine of the Bay Area.

Robert Bernardo is the Communications Manager for the Port of Oakland. He’s also a local politician, former law enforcement officer, and a superfan of The Walking Dead.

Pour Decisions Driving Oakland’s Urban Wine Industry

The Bay Area is at the leading edge of the urban winemaking renaissance, with wineries thriving in repurposed industrial spaces throughout Oakland. Find out how the business of small growers and urban wine differs from the tasting rooms of Napa, how unique varietals like Chenin Blanc and Grenache are utilized, and go beyond the basics to get the gritty, unexpected details of how science turns grapes into delicious social lubrication.

Fred Dick started Oakland’s Urbano Cellars Winery with Bob Rawson in 2006 after a couple of successful garage vintages and a few UC Davis enology classes, with a focus on sustainable vineyard practices and underappreciated varietals.

Start your night when the doors open at 7PM with pre-show games and food from The Lumpia Company, hear beats by Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder and get info from the Oakland Public Library. Then grab a drink and a seat as talks begin at 8PM.

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door:

Nerd Nite East Bay #58: Cephalopods, Cthulhu, CRISPR


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Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Oakland on Monday Oct 30th for our special Fifth Anniversary Show with the Bay Area Science Festival! Alcohol, music, a free Nerd Nite-brand multi-tool (yes, it opens beers) plus:

How the Monster Squid Lost Its Shell
Using CRISPR DNA Editing to Make Life Weird
Cthulhu, Horror Writing’s Most Terrifying Monster

Early bird tix just $8, $10 at the door:
Doors, music and pre-show games at 7. Talks at 8.

CRISPR DNA Editing Gets Weird

CRISPR has revolutionized our ability to easily alter genomic DNA, and has quickly created opportunities to change life in important, strange, superfluous and weird ways. Learn how CRISPR has manipulated myostatin to emulate muscular superheroes, manufactured mesmerizing micropigs, manhandled malaria in mosquitos, and might make TB-free cows, modern mammoths and magnificent marijuana.

Megan Hochstrasser and Kevin Doxzen studied CRISPR in the Doudna lab in the PhD program at UC Berkeley and work in science communication at the Innovative Genomics Institute. Kevin spends his free time watching the Warriors and eating strawberry Pop-Tarts, while Megan adores Clue (both the board game and the movie) and everything about Fiona Apple.

The Cult of Cthulhu: A Century of Cosmic Horror Writing

H.P. Lovecraft created the weird fiction genre and revealed Cthulhu, a strange alien god that dwells on the very periphery of human perception and one of the most foreboding and unsettling monsters in all of literature. Consider Cosmicism, a philosophy based on the utter insignificance of the human race within a vast, carnivorous cosmos, and discover the cult of authors who have added to Lovecraft’s terrifying creations over the last century.

Ross E. Lockhart is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Word Horde and edited the acclaimed Lovecraftian anthologies The Book of Cthulhu I and II and Cthulhu Fhtagn!. Recent horror books from Word Horde include John Langan’s Bram Stoker Award-winning novel “The Fisherman” and the new Ouija-themed “Tales from the Talking Board”. Lockhart lives in Petaluma with his wife Jennifer, hundreds of books, and Elinor Phantom, his Shih Tzu/editorial assistant.

How the Monster Squid Lost Its Shell

Ancient cephalopods were the original sea monsters, as these gigantic and bizarre predators moved slowly through the oceans and ate everything in their path. But the evolution of fast-swimming, shell-crunching fish turned these once fearsome hunters into the hunted. Learn how cephalopods survived by changing from tentacle terrors into shell-less modern masters of speed, camouflage, and brainpower.

Danna Staaf is the author of Squid Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopods, which chronicles the 500-million-year evolutionary journey of cephalopods from masters of the primordial sea to calamari on your dinner plate. She earned her PhD in “Squid Sex and Babies” from Stanford University, works as a freelance science writer and lives in San Jose with her husband, kids, cats, and an astounding array of plush cephalopods. Book available at

Music and entertainment provided by Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder, with beer and cocktails from Club 21, food for sale from Grilled Cheese Guy, preshow games hosted by Ann-Marie Benz, and lots of extra info from the Oakland Public Library. See you at our Fifth Anniversary Show!
Tickets available now:

Nerd Nite and Hoodslam: SCIENCE-Slam!

We’re teaming up with Hoodslam, Nerd Nite San Francisco, and the Bay Area Science Festival on this madness.
Scientists are more selfish and twisted than the DNA double helix! For every heroic Rosalind Franklin using x-rays to see through life’s mysteries, there’s the base behavior of Watson and Crick scheming to steal her data and her Nobel Prize. Hoodslam and Nerd Nite team up as Franklin searches for revenge, while the air is filled with a distinct Musk of hatred as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison face off in a match that is guaranteed to shock. Don’t deny your interest in the Science Denial Royal Rumble, where anti-vaccine advocates try to push climate change deniers off the edge of the Flat Earth.
  • Tickets are $20.  Our Science Festival events tend to sell out.
  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! October 29th, 7-9PM
  • Oakland Metro Opera House, 522 2nd Street, Oakland.
  • Full bar
  • FB event

21+, $20 cover, #dontbringyourfnkids !

Nerd Nite East Bay 57: Animal Maps, Industrial Zone Art, Daddy Long-legs

Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland on Monday Sept 25 for

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Mapping Nature’s Elusive Animals

Art of the Emeryville Mud Flats

Animal Myths and Daddy Long-Legs

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door:

RSVP on Facebook

Start your night when the doors open at 7PM with pre-show games, beats by Citizen Zain, and info from the Oakland Public Library. Rakestraw Books will have copies of Oliver’s gorgeous book available. Then grab a drink and a seat as talks begin at 8PM.


Where the Wild Things Go
Using Modern Technology to Map Nature’s Elusive Animals

For thousands of years tracking animals meant following footprints, but now satellites, drones, cameras and cellular networks reveal the natural world in beautiful detail. See data-driven portraits of the surprising ways ants, owls, otters, turtles, and sharks navigate the world, and stunning representations of how elephants adapted to elevated railways, what drives baboon troop decisions, and how genetic islands of animals can be rescued with modern data.

Oliver Uberti is the co-author of Where the Animals Go (, which uses dataviz techniques to reveal the lives of individual animals. He was previously Senior Design Editor at National Geographic and once articulated a skeleton in his living room by combining bones from a spider monkey, gorilla, kudu, fruit bat, manatee, and sabertooth tiger.

Driftwood Dragons and Mudflat Monuments in the Emeryville Industrial Wasteland

From the turbulent 1970s and the contaminated mud of the East Bay off of Emeryville rose massive, whimsical and overtly political statues and sculptures made by renegade artists from driftwood and repurposed “junk”, the remnants of which can still be seen in the bay during the I-80 commute. Hear about the origin of the mudflat sculptures during the Free Speech Movement, and how this swamp of public art and radical expression became a critical flash point during the Bay Area’s destabilizing transition from an industrial hub to a tech and real estate capital of the modern world.

Liam O’Donoghue is the creator and host of the East Bay Yesterday podcast, which was recently awarded “Best of the Bay” by East Bay Express. He started the local history podcast because he enjoys talking to old people and was running out of abandoned buildings to sneak into.

Joey Enos is an artist, historian and works as a collections manager for The National Pastime Museum. His family operated the Michel & Pelton Company from 1929-1982 and has been in the East Bay for five generations, back when Emeryville was known as “The Rotten City.” Follow Joey’s curated collection of Mudflat Art pics on Instagram @emeryville_mudflats

Tall Tales of Daddy Long-Legs
How Animal Myths Begin and Endure

All children know that daddy long-legs are actually the most poisonous spiders, but their deadly fangs are just too short to bite you. Except daddy long-legs aren’t spiders, aren’t poisonous, and don’t have fangs. Learn about the origins and propagation of famous animal myths, and discover behavioral, morphological and physiological data that makes nature more interesting, (usually) less scary, and led to changes in robotic and prosthetic design.

Ignacio Escalante is a Costa Rican Field Biologist pursuing his PhD in biomechanics and the evolution of leg loss as a defensive strategy at UC-Berkeley. When not analyzing videos he is focused on avoiding venomous pit vipers at his field site.

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door:

Nerd Nite East Bay 8/25 and 8/28: Chabot Space, Pinball, Coney Island, 80s Arcades, Spice, SETI and More

Nerd Nite East Bay has two shows for you in August!

Fri Aug 25th at Oakland’s Chabot Space Center:  

Get Tickets    RSVP and talk details

Mon Aug 28th at Club 21 in Uptown: 

Get Tickets    RVSP and talk details

Join Nerd Nite East Bay at the Chabot Space and Science Center on Friday night 8/25 from 6-10PM for unlimited pinball, the museum with no kids, music, drinks, a showing of Tommy under the stars and three excellent talks!


Improving Your Pinball Skills with Science by Pacific Pinball Museum Founder and Executive Director Michael Schiess.

The Human Drive to Automate the World by Camie Bontaites of the Chabot Center’s Open Science Lab.

The Forgotten Coney Island of the West (right in the East Bay!) by Historians Dennis Evanosky and Eric J Kos.

Get Tickets for Aug 25th   

Aug 25th RSVP and talk details on Facebook

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Then on Monday Aug 28th join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 for pre-show trivia, DJ Rubberband girl, Grilled Cheese guy, drinks, the Oakland Public Library and three excellent talks!

Using Modern Technology to Maintain the Great Arcade Games of the 1980s and 90s by Shawn and Meg Livernoche of High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum.

Earth’s Largest Search for Life with SETI’s massive new Breakthrough Listen Project by Emilio Enriquez of UC-Berkeley’s Breakthrough Listen.

Cellular Spice Receptors and Why Spicy Food Hurts Your Butt by Trace Dominguez of Seeker Science


Get Tickets for Aug 28th 

Aug 28 RVSP and Talk Details on Facebook



Nerd Nite Aug 28: Vintage Arcades, SETI, Spice Receptors

Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland  on Monday August 28th for:

80s and 90s Arcades!
Spice Receptors!
SETI’s Breakthrough Listen Project!

plus pre-show Trivia!

Early bird tix just $8, $10 at the door (get them before they sell out!):

RSVP to the event on Facebook

Start your night when the doors open at 7PM with games, beats by Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder, gooey eats by Grilled Cheese Guy, and info from the Oakland Public Library, then grab a drink and a seat as the talks begin at 8PM.2017-8 poster draft 2 resize1

Citizen Kanes of the Arcade
Maintaining the Great Arcade Games of the 1980s and 1990s

Reminisce about the great and groundbreaking arcade games of the 1980s and 1990s and learn about the essential qualities that make these machines resonate today. As spare parts become scarce, the effort to find and maintain games with modern solutions that won’t compromise nostalgia becomes more important and more sophisticated. Discover how the best private and public vintage arcade game collections were built, and how the Citizen Kanes of the Arcade are being preserved for future generations.

Shawn and Meg Livernoche are the owners and curators of High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum in Alameda and Hayward They are game builders and preservationists heavily focused on the “golden age” of arcade gaming with a meticulously curated collection of over 150 titles. Shawn once drove a Donkey Kong Jr home in a two door Volkswagen Golf and Meg’s thumbnail was permanently disfigured under a Karate Champ cabinet in the middle of a bustling public sidewalk.

Surveying the Sky with SETI
Earth’s Largest Search for Alien Life

UC Berkeley’s Breakthrough Listen project is best described as SETI on steroids. Hear about the unique challenges that come with using our world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescopes to cover 10X more sky and 5X more radio spectrum than all previous efforts. Learn how this program is using more speed and data than astronomy has ever had available before to answer humanity’s biggest question: are we alone in the vast universe?

Emilio Enriquez conducts research in the Breakthrough Listen Lab at UC Berkeley. His work focuses on SETI, stellar flares and other astrophysical radio transient phenomena. He is originally from Mexico and is finishing his PhD in radioastronomy from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Why Spicy Food Hurts Your Butt

The mild heat of Frank’s Red Hot, the complex burn of Sriracha and the punch in the face pain of Mad Dog 357 all come from the activity of the receptor protein TPRV-1 in your mouth. But the same molecules that cause delicious pain in the human mouth also cause pain when… exiting the premises, even at vanishingly small concentrations. Find out why your body has complicated physiological reactions to eating and digesting spicy molecules, how your body dulls itself to the pain of spice, and why your butt evolved to feel the hot sauce mistakes you made the night before.

Trace Dominguez is the producer of the Seeker Science YouTube channel with over 1,000 videos on topics ranging from quantum mechanics to agriculture, materials to engineering, and yes, human poop. He has a background in science journalism, an affinity for spicy foods, and an unfortunately sensitive butt.

You can also join Nerd Nite East Bay in August for more excellent talks and unlimited pinball at our special event at Chabot Space & Science Center!

Chabot III: Return of Nerd Nite

nneb-chabotWe’re hosting alcohol-fueled educational talks at Chabot again on Friday August 25 . They have a pinball exhibit up with 30 machines you can play, courtesy our friends at the Pacific Pinball Museum [they’re awesome; you should also help them fund a permanent home!]

  • Tickets are $15.  We’ve sold out every time we’ve done this.
  • Friday, August 25th
    • 6PM – Doors
    • 7PM – Talks in Megadome
    • 8:30PM – Screening of Tommy in outdoor ampitheater
  • Beer and wine!
  • Food from Canasta Kitchen Food Truck
  • Amazing Talks!!!
    • The Science of Pinball by Michael Schiess, Pacific Pinball Museum
    • Why Humans Automate the World by Camie Bontaites, Chabot Center OpenScienceLab
    • History of Chabot and Neptune Beach by Dennis Evanosky and Eric J. Kos, East Bay Then & Now and
  • FB event