Nerd Nite East Bay #24: Singing Spiders, The Brain, and Sci-Fi Sex Interfaces

Sit back and sip on a some tasty beverages.  Nerd Nite East Bay warms you up for Thanksgiving and begins our third year with a particularly salacious night: Erin Brandt will show what happens when you aim a laser Doppler vibrometer at a male spider dancing on pantyhose to woo the corpse of a female spider; Zarinah Agnew will show mappings from regions of the brain to genitals; and Chris Noessel plots the design lessons science fiction provides in the realm of sex interfaces. DJ Citizen Zain, Rick, and Rebecca will brine their turkeys. The Oakland Public Library will be there with a reading list and to issue cards. Be there and be square.

Monday 11/24
Doors at 7 pm, show at 8
The New Parkway, 474 24th St, Oakland
(less than half-a-mile from the 19th St BART)
All Ages
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We’ll have:

  • Sing a Song, Do a Dance: That’s How You Seduce a Jumping Spider by Erin Brandt
  • A Guided Tour of the Brain by Zarinah Agnew
  • Sexy Interfaces for Sex in Sci Fi by Chris Noessel