Nerd Nite East Bay events are organized by Drinkified Learning, LLC.
Co-bosses Rick Karnesky, Anne-Marie Benz and Scott Weitze can be reached by using this form, by emailing eastbay at nerdnite dot com, or by calling/texting 510-833-NERD (510-833-6373).

We love volunteers and give them perks! Please mention the subject you’d like to speak about, if you’d like to help edit videos, or wish to contribute in some other capacity.

This is also the right place for audience feedback, press inquiries, and sponsorship inquiries.

We try our best to reply to all contacts. If you don’t hear from us after a week, try pinging us again or talk to us at our show.

    Pricing Policy

    Nerd Nite East Bay events are priced very competitively with other bay area lectures. Your ticket fee helps pay for venue, advertising, DJs, comped drinks and food and seats for speaker, video hosting, equipment, and other costs that Drinkified Learning, LLC incurs to make the events possible.

    Advance tickets to our regular monthly events have been $8/per ticket for six years. We occasionally offer discounts of $1-3, particularly as an “early bird” discount when purchased during the previous month’s event. Any remaining tickets are $10 at the door.

    Tickets are required for admission into the venue, but do not guarantee anything else. Some events have, e.g. age or (safety) clothing requirements in addition to the requirement of a ticket. Seats are generally first-come/first-serve; you may love some talks and hate others; we are a live event and who knows what can happen.

    We sometimes host special events and the ticket price for these can vary considerably, but will be explicit in our promotional literature and ticketing sites.

    Some ticketing providers and/or credit card processors that we work with have a surcharge. For six years, we have absorbed these surcharges. But we reserve the right to reveal the true cost of these surcharges & pass these on to you at the time of your purchase. We work really hard to pick providers that keep these surcharges low.

    Refund Policy

    All ticket sales are final, but we strive to give our audience the best possible experience. Please contact us using the form above if you were not happy with some aspect of our programming.

    Privacy Policy

    Nerd Nite events may have audio and/or video recording and/or photography.

    When you purchase a ticket, we will use your personal information only for the purpose of fulfilling your order unless you sign up for our email list or ask to give a talk explicitly. By using the links on the right, you may optionally connect to us on social media or sign up for our email list, which sends out a maximum of two emails per month about our events. We will not sell your information or share it with third parties and will not retain your credit card information after your order has been processed.