Two shows this month!

Nerd Nite and Hoodslam: SCIENCE-Slam!

We’re teaming up with Hoodslam, Nerd Nite San Francisco, and the Bay Area Science Festival on this madness.
Scientists are more selfish and twisted than the DNA double helix! For every heroic Rosalind Franklin using x-rays to see through life’s mysteries, there’s the base behavior of Watson and Crick scheming to steal her data and her Nobel Prize. Hoodslam and Nerd Nite team up as Franklin searches for revenge, while the air is filled with a distinct Musk of hatred as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison face off in a match that is guaranteed to shock. Don’t deny your interest in the Science Denial Royal Rumble, where anti-vaccine advocates try to push climate change deniers off the edge of the Flat Earth.
  • Tickets are $20.  Our Science Festival events tend to sell out.
  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! October 29th, 7-9PM
  • Oakland Metro Opera House, 522 2nd Street, Oakland.
  • Full bar
  • FB event
  • 21+, $20 cover, #dontbringyourfnkids !

Nerd Nite East Bay #58: Cephalopods, Cthulhu, CRISPR


Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Oakland on Monday Oct 30th for our special Fifth Anniversary Show with the Bay Area Science Festival! Alcohol, music, a free Nerd Nite-brand multi-tool (yes, it opens beers) plus:

How the Monster Squid Lost Its Shell
Using CRISPR DNA Editing to Make Life Weird
Cthulhu, Horror Writing’s Most Terrifying Monster

Early bird tix just $8, $10 at the door:
Doors, music and pre-show games at 7. Talks at 8.

More info.