Join Nerd Nite East Bay at Club 21 in Uptown Oakland

on Monday Nov 27 for

The Appalling Pilgrims
Oakland Shipping Cranes
Urban Wine Making

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door: bit.ly/NNEB-59
Doors and preshow games at 7, talks begin at 8.

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Thanksgiving Sinners: True Stories of the Appalling Pilgrims

This November, get your understand of the Pilgrim journey to Plymouth rocked. Nerd Nite exposes the complicated truth behind the well-known origin story, and shows how a history of heresy, sedition and hanky panky led to the Pilgrim pilgrimage. Tag along with their brief, comical stop in the Netherlands before they landed in the New World, and find out the reality behind the Pilgrims foible-ridden, intolerant, predatory, and yet successful society.

Arthur Kay has presented on unexpected outré history and science at Odd Salon, Nerd Nite, the California Academy of Sciences, and the California Historical Society. He’s also an attorney, though not one of the interesting kinds, and enjoys old-timey sodas.

A Tour of Oakland’s Modern and Historic Shipping Cranes

The famous tours of Oakland’s shipping cranes and harbor seaport immediately sell out each year, so Nerd Nite East Bay brings the tour to you! Discover how the immensely complex Port of Oakland functions, go on a deep dive into the golden age of megaships, get a guided tour of specific ships and cranes, and learn about the history of the Port of Oakland as the agricultural gateway of America and economic engine of the Bay Area.

Roberto Bernardo is the Communications Manager for the Port of Oakland. He’s also a local politician, former law enforcement officer, and a superfan of The Walking Dead.

Pour Decisions Driving Oakland’s Urban Wine Industry

The Bay Area is at the leading edge of the urban winemaking renaissance, with wineries thriving in repurposed industrial spaces throughout Oakland. Find out how the business of small growers and urban wine differs from the tasting rooms of Napa, how unique varietals like Chenin Blanc and Grenache are utilized, and go beyond the basics to get the gritty, unexpected details of how science turns grapes into delicious social lubrication.

Fred Dick started Oakland’s Urbano Cellars Winery with Bob Rawson in 2006 after a couple of successful garage vintages and a few UC Davis enology classes, with a focus on sustainable vineyard practices and underappreciated varietals.

Start your night when the doors open at 7PM with pre-show games and food from the Lumpia Company, hear beats by Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder and get info from the Oakland Public Library. Then grab a drink and a seat as talks begin at 8PM.

Online tix just $8, $10 at the door: bit.ly/NNEB-59