While we look forward to vaccinations bringing an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to share that Nerd Nite East Bay does not plan to return.
It has not been safe to have live events for quite some time. Sadly, this has caused many beloved venues to close, including the Stork Club (where we launched), Club 21 (where we had the most events), and the Uptown (where we had our final events). We miss these spaces, their owners, and staff terribly. They were all gems in the East Bay.
As organizers, we cannot continue to pay regular business expenses with no events on the horizon and our other commitments leave us knowing that we will not have the time to restart thse events once new venues do open. If anyone wants to restart this event series in the future, we (and Nerd Nite Global) can help.
A huge thanks to our many talented presenters, the other Nerd Herders and local food folks that we’ve partnered with, Oakland Public Library, DJ Rubberband Girl, Katelyn, Hillary, Marlene, and to our fans: you’re absolutely amazing.
We are still lifetime learners…and drinkers, so we look forward to seeing you at both virtual and live events where we can combine these things.
Rick, Scott, Ann-Marie, and Rebecca
Nerd Nite East Bay