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Learn real legal lessons from Marvel (during the release of Avengers: Endgame), discover how we create the heaviest elements (during the International Year of the Periodic Table), and get the complete history of Hip Hop in California (30 years after the release of U Can’t Touch This).

If the Glove Fits: Legal Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Using Marvel stories to understand how the legal process really works is as easy as snapping your fingers. Yes Dr. Strange is a superhero, but find out how he saved the world using contract law. Was Star-Lord really the rightful owner of the Morag Infinity Stone, do the Sokovia Accords pass the Constitutional test, and how, exactly, do we prosecute Thanos? Get ready for Marvel’s Endgame with a rollicking review of legal issues from the Marvel Universe.

Josh Gilliland is the co-creator of The Legal Geeks and gave a very popular talk on Star Wars Law at Nerd Nite East Bay in 2018. The Legal Geeks made the ABA Web 100 for Best Legal Blog for 2017 and 2018, and was nominated for Best Podcast for the Geekie Awards. Josh has presented at legal conferences and comic book conventions and ties a mean bow tie.

Building New Elements Beyond the Periodic Table

Like modern day and much more scientific alchemists, nuclear chemists work to construct elements that don’t exist on earth but may reside on proton-packed Islands of Stability off the far end of the periodic table, where these new heaviest elements could be long lived. Learn how six new elements were added to the periodic table in the last seven years, and the techniques scientists use to construct and deduce the physical and chemical properties of new elements from just a few ephemeral atoms.

Jacklyn Gates is the Group Leader of the Heavy Element Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She earned her PhD in nuclear chemistry in 2008 and spent a year in Germany before returning to the US to join the Heavy Element Group.

Understanding the History of Hip Hop Culture in California

Learn about the history of Hip Hop in Northern California, separated from the gratuitous depictions presented by modern media. Explore the original music, and find out how a culture rooted in empowerment for communities of color has been quietly co-opted by three corporations that now control 90% of the Hip Hop market. See how the Hip Hop audience has changed over the years, and how Hip Hop can once again be used to support local communities.

Khafre Jay is the Executive Director and Founder of Hip Hop for Change, an Oakland 501c3 that uses grassroots activism and education to advocate for social justice in the Bay Area. He has been a part of the Bay Area Hip Hop activist community for nearly 20 years and works to reshape understanding of Hip Hop culture and its power for good.


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