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Follow the legendary journey that mapped the Grand Canyon, find out how California detects election hacking, and see how seed biodiversity critical to the future of earth’s food supply is being saved!



The Epic Quest to Map the Grand Canyon

Descend into the story of the greatest map making feat of the mid-20th century, as 700 helicopter trips, over one hundred miles of trails surveyed by hand (and foot), and thousands of manual angle measurements created the amazing 1978 map of the Grand Canyon, a still legendary cartographic accomplishment. Find out how new laser range-finders and theodolites turned impossible cartography into merely extremely difficult map making, how three-dimensional topography is made accessible on a two-dimensional map, and see how color maps are made from field data to create beautiful, useful images.

Betsy Mason is the co-author of All Over the Map, based on the eponymous blog from National Geographic, which explores the intriguing stories behind maps across history. She was an MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow, science reporter, and the online science editor for Wired.

Saving Seeds for Earth’s Unknown Future

With extreme environmental stress brought on by climate change, maintaining a wide range of genetic options that will allow plants to “discover” solutions for survival on our changing planet is the best and perhaps only solution. Learn why seed and crop biodiversity is critical in droughts, and how Syrian seeds will save the American wheat crop. See how the corporate seed industry has narrowed the genetics of crops, lament the 75% of seed variation that has gone extinct in the last century, and discover how seed banks are injecting much needed variation into our planet’s biome.

Mark Schapiro is the author of Seeds of Resistance and has spent three decades as an investigative journalist focused on the environment. He has published numerous books and teaches in the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Как рассказать, взломали ли выборы
(How To Tell If An Election Has Been Hacked)

Can election officials ever stop all software errors, malware, malfeasance and foreign hacking? Nyet! But science and math can still give us the “right” answers. Learn how mandated Risk-Limiting Audits (RLAs), now the law in California, harness statistics to detect voting manipulation. Then learn about the movement by prominent scientists, statisticians and voting advocates to push past political opposition to RLAs and restore confidence in the US electoral system.

Philip B. Stark is the Associate Dean for the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and a Professor of Statistics at UC-Berkeley. His work focuses on developing confidence procedures for specific goals, including the U.S. census, climate modeling, the food web, geriatric hearing loss, and product liability. Election auditing methods developed by Philip have been incorporated into laws in California, Colorado, and Rhode Island.

Plus book sales from E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore, food from Grilled Cheese Guy, music from DJ Rubberband Girl, info from the Oakland Public Library, and drinks from Club 21 in Uptown Oakland!

See you on Monday Nov 26 at Club 21 in Oakland!
Doors, Drinks & Games at 7PM, Talks at 8PM. 21+ Please.