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Learn how HIV treatment prevents evolution, how modern stop motion puppets are made and filmed, and how to have your best sex in your septuagenarian years at Nerd Nite East Bay!

Collage 1.9.19

How Granny Still Gets It On: Aging and Sexual Health

Getting stressed about being alone on Valentine’s Day this year? Well stop worrying, you’ve got lots of time left, because modern research shows that grannies (and grandpas) still get it on. Learn how sex lives change from the hopeful Harold years to the later Maude march of time, and see the statistics that say weekly Adult Fun is like sexy Lipitor for your heart. Study sexual aging from the biological, psychological and (still very) functional perspectives, and start thinking about nursing homes as a return to your college dorm life.

Laura Perry is a Clinical Associate Professor at the UCSF Division of Geriatrics and the Associate Medical Director of adult primary care at Highland Hospital in Oakland. She is double board-certified in geriatrics and internal medicine and a published sex advice columnist.

How to Treat HIV by Preventing Evolution

The intuitive thinking on how multi-drug therapies combat HIV appears to be wrong or incomplete. HIV infections are managed through combination therapy, with multiple drugs used simultaneously to prevent the evolution of drug-resistant viruses, even as HIV demonstrates an incredible endemic mutation rate of one change at every spot in the genome every single day. Follow along as HIV uses a clever and circuitous infection path that winds through multiple organs to enhance its own evolution and subvert simple treatment. Understand why current HIV therapies work so well, why they still sometimes fail, and how lessons from HIV treatment are being used to study the evolution of drug resistance pathogens and design the next generation of cancer treatments.

Alison Feder is a Miller Fellow in Integrative Biology – UC Berkeley and recently received the Milner Prize from the Milner Centre for Evolution. She earned her PhD at Stanford studying the evolutionary dynamics of HIV. Since moving across the Bay she’s been enjoying a train system that runs more than once an hour and significantly expanded dog spotting opportunities.

Making Movies at Twelve Shots per Second: How to Create & Use Stop Motion Puppets

Find out how modern stop motion puppets have gone way beyond Rudolf with computer modeling, 3D printing and the casting of two part plastic figures with internal skeletons, flexible fingers and clothing that looks life size down to the tiniest fold. See how, even with new technology, eighty hour shoots are still used to make minutes of stop motion footage, gain a greater appreciation for some of cinema’s most famous scenes, and hear the truth about working in the film industry. Plus discover the advantages that plastic figures still have over CGI, learn how to make your own toys, and check out famous movie puppets that will be at the event.

Victoria Rose Most is a feature film puppet and toy maker who has worked on Coraline, Shadow King, Mermaids on Mars and more. She attended the College for Creative studies in Detroit and turned her passion for toys into the Rawrz Toys line (Rawrztoys.com) and other quirky characters. Victoria lives in Oakland with her husband Kyle, their cat Marvin, and they (the humans) both work in 3d prototyping at Facebook. More at victoriarosepuppets.com

Plus music from DJ Rubberband Girl, drinks from Club 21, eats available for purchase from Miss Arepita, and brain filling info from the great Oakland Public Library.

Note new start time! Doors, Drinks and Games at 7PM, *TALKS NOW BEGIN AT 7:30pm*!

Tix: https://squareup.com/store/nneb/