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Learn how astronomers search for alien spacecraft, why effective recovery from exercise is so complicated, and how an East Bay landfill became filled with art and adventure at February’s Nerd Nite East Bay!



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What Beer and Running Reveal About the Scientific Method

Fresh off of Beer Week in the Bay Area, every imbiber wishes science would determine that beer is good for us. New research says that may be true, while providing valuable insight into how scientific studies really work, why experiments rarely give a YES or NO answer, and how easy it is to deliberately or inadvertently nudge a study to find the result you’re looking for. Get tips for next year’s New Year’s Resolution, limber up for stories from the frontier of exercise recovery science, and learn how p-values can promote your next prost!

Christie Aschwanden is the author of GOOD TO GO: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery ( She is the lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight and co-host of the Emerging Form podcast about the creative process. Christie lives on a small farm in western Colorado, raises heritage poultry, and serves as head wine taster at her husband’s

You can pre-purchase GOOD TO GO from Oakland’s terrific E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore and it will be delivered to you at the event.
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Why a Dump in Albany is the Best Park Ever

In an age of safe (and boring) playgrounds, the rebar, rubble, scrap metal and sculptures of the Albany Bulb scream adventure! This wild user-designed park on old construction debris landfill in San Francisco Bay has attracted artists and seekers of the unusual for decades, leading to an Alcatraz Island-sized collection of lumpy terrain, surprising crannies, and renegade interpretation. Learn about the history of the Albany Bulb, and follow efforts to protect this unique urban park from ongoing attempts to manicure its beautiful roughness.

Susan Moffat is the creator of Love the Bulb, dedicated to the artistic tradition and wildness of the Albany Bulb. She runs an interdisciplinary program at the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design. She is an urbanist, curator, and has written about the Bulb for Boom California.

SETI-ing Our Sights On Spaceships

Find out how astronomers discover distant objects and scan for potential interstellar space ships, including the surprising Oumuamua, the first known example of an interstellar asteroid that passed through our solar system and originated near another star. Get a detailed view of SETI@home history, learn how scientists determine if Fast Radio Bursts are from extraterrestrials or magnetar neutron stars, and hear where SETI on FAST and the PANOSETI all-sky-all-the-time will take the human search for alien life.

Dan Werthimer is the Chief Scientist of the Berkeley SETI Research Center and principal investigator of SETI@home and CASPER. He is the co-author of SETI 2020 and editor of BioAstronomy: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life. Dan was in the original Homebrew Computer Club with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak but decided to search for ET instead of becoming very, very rich.

Plus music from DJ Rubberband Girl, drinks from Club 21, eats available for purchase from Grilled Cheese Guy, and brain filling info from the Oakland Public Library.

Note new start time! Doors, Drinks and Games at 7PM, *TALKS NOW BEGIN AT 7:30PM*!